The Crew

Randy Hocker Custom BikeRandy Hocker was born in Denver and to this day, has remained not far from his hometown roots. Today, he lives and works in the beautiful countryside of Loveland, Colorado. The country roads have always been more kin to his nature than the concrete and blacktop of the city. Looking back in time, the country roads were the perfect environment for a 4 year old boy with a small mini bike just learning how to ride. His interest and involvement with bikes kept growing and by the age of 13, Randy was racing motocross every weekend and maintaining his bikes through out the week. Hocker was hooked. He continued to devote his time and energies to riding and fine tuning until one day, his interest shifted. Not from two wheels, just to a different package.Inevitably Randy bought his first Harley Davidson, a 1990 Softail Custom. His interest in bikes and natural fabricating skills were put to use in 1999 soon after he purchased a 2000 Fat Boy. The stock look and easy ride didn’t last long. Fifty original miles later, Randy completely disassembled, rebuilt, and tailored a bike to reflect his own true vision of a custom ride. The bike garnered significant nods of approval and attention everywhere it went. The Fatboy received honors at several bike shows, a calendar shoot, and a magazine spread in Ironworks Magazine. The phone calls started rolling in with inquiries and interest about what he had built. Unexpectedly, people were asking if he would consider building a bike for them?   Randy’s response was Phat Rides Custom Cycles.The business was a natural progression born of preparedness meeting need. In addition to answering the call of the customers, Phat Rides soon produced a signature offspring of its own, aptly named Phatillac. Randy best described his creation as “really the culmination of everything I wanted to build at that time. A bike so innovative and unusual that the public’s first impression was beautiful but ride able? It’s the element of surprise beyond the beautiful, revealing not only how well it rides but introducing creative components of design that totally supported performance.” The message was understood and the bike well received. Phatillac placed first or second everywhere it showed. After working in conjunction with a local bike shop for a couple of years, Randy decided it was time to return to his roots once again.

Phat Rides Custom Cycles more authentically represented his own spirit and vision of a motorcycle shop offering exceptional quality work, innovative products and parts, quality fabrication and the ability and willingness to do it all. “We’re not locked into custom. The customer’s needs are the first priority, it can be a custom build or parts for a bagger, new pipes or just changing oil and tires. Our basic premise is deliver the best customer service, performed by really dedicated individuals who are passionate about motorcycles and to have fun doing it. We do take our commitment to our customers seriously, providing dependable quality work and expertise they can rely on 100% of the time, because after all, when the work is done it’s about the customer being able to relax and having fun and enjoying a dependable ride.”

Sports, animals and nature never held Mike Savage’s attention in his formative years unless you counted his addiction to the feeling of the wind rushing by when he was “going really fast.” Mike was absorbed in the motor, cars and engine world which from the age of 6, completely occupied his lively mind and nimble fingers…and to this day, still does. Best definition offered by his young daughter in 1980 said it all – “my dad’s a motor head.” Still applies. Mike bought his first Harley Davidson in 1972. It was a 1971 Super Glide, a “parts basket case” which he assembled, chopped and painted in black with gold leaf flames and named The Freight Train. Mike played in his spare time at a Harley shop in Michigan… because it’s hard to call it work when you’re doing what you love. Cars, drag racing and drag boats were nicely feeding that “go fast feeling” until 1998.

After moving to Denver, Mike’s attention returned to motorcycles when he was asked to partner in building and showing a Softail Custom. The bike picked up Best in Class, Best in Show, and Best Paint, in addition to being center featured in Hot Bike magazine. Bike fever returned and Mike purchased a new 1998 Fat Boy. Objective: customization and a go fast engine. In 2001, he added a new Road King more suitable to cruising, with of course…customization still allowed. While working in a local motorcycle shop, Mike’s path crossed with Randy Hocker’s and the rest is Phat Rides history. Mike’s background in the service industry, understanding of true customer satisfaction and love of visionary custom bike builds fit the focus at Phat Rides to a T. Work feels like play again, full-time this time, in collaboration with a team who are also addicted to building a bike fueled by the customer’s imagination, fully addressing the customer’s needs and never delivering less than excellence…every time. Nice thing is, they don’t mind going fast either.