Easyriders issue 166 February 2015 ~ Jerry Schwindt’s Phat Rides ’47 Knuck Colorado Classic

South of Fort Collins and about 45 miles north of Denver, you’ll find yourself in Loveland, Colorado, one of those “best places to live” cities. Loveland is known for its large population of artist and that would include Phat Ridges, the custom shop owned by Randy Hocker and Mike Savage. Several of their custom bikes have taken awards; include “Phatillac” a radical ride built for a 2006 bike build-off. Currently the shop’s projects rand from antique iron to brand-new Twin Cams.

It happened that one of their regular customer, veteran rider and good friend, Jerry Schwindt, showed up one day with a hankering for a knucklehead, something he hadn’t experience before, although he had several other Harleys. Eventually, Jerry tracked down a potential donor bike on eBay. “We had built a couple of other bikes for Jerry previously, so he knew what direction he wanted to go” Randy explains.

“He wanted a bobber, basically everything stripped down”

After getting the bike to Phat Rides, a bunch of stuff was tossed and work focused on a major makeover based around the 74 inch knucklehead powertrain.  Randy applied his talents for fabrication to the sheet metal and custom fittings, including reworking the hand-shift. Of course the bike is kick only.

Everything was kept super sanitary, including internal controls and wiring., one of Phat Rides signatures. As far as the color, Jerry was already a pretty big fan of black, so Motorsports Concepts sprayed it dark and deep. Asked for his riding impression, randy says, “It’s light, nimble, well-balanced, fun to putt around on.

While Jerry is more interested in riding than showing it, Phat Rides has brought the bike to several Colorado events, where it has garnered rave reviews. ~ Paul Garson