Mike’s Royal King

2001 Harley Davidson Road King


Featured in the January 2012 issue of Road Iron Magazine. Mike’s wife was tired of riding on the small seat of his Fat Boy, so she bought him a Road King for Christmas in 2002. Mike and Randy transformed the stock bike into what Road Iron called “A Kickass Luxo-Liner.”

Engine: 2001 Harley Davidson/Phat Rides
Frame: 2001 Harley Davidson Road King/Phat Rides
Gas Tank: Harley Davidson
Paint: Mike Learn Airbrush & Design
Headlight: Paul Yaffe/Phat Rides
Forks: Harley Davidson
Wheels: RC Components Front 23”, Rear 18”
Tires: Front: Avon, Rear: Metzeler
Fenders: Klock Werks/Phat Rides
Handle Bars: Harley Davidson
Hand Controls: Harley Davidson/Chrome
Foot Controls:  Harley Davidson
Seat: BitchnStitchn
Ignition: Zipper’s ThunderMax
Fuel Injection: Zipper’s 60mm
Air Cleaner: Phat Rides
Transmission: 2001 Harley Davidson/Baker 6-speed overdrive
Primary:  Bandit Machine
Clutch: Bandit Machine
Brakes: Rear: Stock Harley Davidson, Front: PM Calipers
Tail Light: Phat Rides
Exhaust: D&D Boarzilla