Dyno Tuning

Colorado’s Source for Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

Phat Rides Custom Cycle is much more than your average bike shop we are a full service independent shop that believes in the highest quality products and service for all our customers. We know our customers are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to serving your needs.

Why Have Phat Rides Tune Your Bike?

Phat Rides Custom Cycles has the top of the line, state of the art, Dynojet Dynamometer 250i, the latest software, and trained personnel to run the Dyno and create custom maps for just about any fuel injected bike. We are a certified Tuning Center for Dynojet and an Authorized Power Commander Tuning Center. We also use the state of the art Tuning Link from Dynojet. This program writes the map in real time as your bike is being run and put under load to create a custom map especially for your bike and your riding style. We sell and tune Power Commanders, Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle® Super Tuners, and Zipper’s Thunder Max systems.

Dyno Tuning To Diagnose Problems

Today’s Dynamometers do a lot more than just give you horsepower and torque readings. Not only are they used for tuning but they can also be a very useful tool in diagnosing problems with your bike in a controlled environment. We can check your air fuel mixture, timing, clutch slippage, how your sprockets are holding up, if your speedo and tach are calibrated properly, replicate a problem you may be having out on the road, and much, much more.

What is a Dyno Tune?

Simply put, a dyno tune makes adjustments to your bikes fuel/air and ignition to achieve the best possible cruising for every day riding and the most possible horse power and torque. By having your bike Professionally tuned we are able to optimize the air/fuel ratio throughout the RPM and throttle position range which allows us to give you the most power possible and still get good fuel mileage.

Should You Have Your Bike Tuned?

For the most part any motor that has had changes made to the air filter system, muffler and / or exhaust headers will most likely need to have some kind of fuel management installed and tuned. The bikes coming out of the factory are already lean to meet EPA standards so even a stock bike without any changes will benefit from some sort of fuel management, not only will you gain in performance but it will assist in making the motor last longer by running cooler and correctly.

Power Commander vs. Screaming Eagle Race Tuner vs. Thunder Max

These are the top 3 fuel management systems that we like to use and recommend fully.

The Power Commander is a separate unit that is placed in line between the bike’s wire harness and the ECM. This unit tells the ECM what changes to make to achieve the desired results in a very efficient way. The Power Commander works very well while leaving the factory ECM unchanged. Power Commander has an extensive data base of maps to chose from but that is only a good starting point. The maps are all developed in Las Vegas on a test bike so to get the most out of it it needs to be tuned in your area and to your bike because all bikes even the same model’s run differently.

The second option is the Screaming Eagle Race Tuner. This is a program that connects your bike to the computer with a black box called a key. Once the key is married to your bike it can not be used on any other bike. The key is the only access you have to your ECM for mapping and it re-maps the factory ECM. This option is a little more expensive and takes a lot more time on the dyno to get it dialed in, but once they are set up right they work great.

The third option is the Zipper’s Thunder Max System which completely replaces the factory ECM and is a real good option for the older Magnetti Marelli bikes.

Each system has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. We would be happy to talk about your situation and help you decide which solution would be best for your bike.