Phat Rides is proud to share the accolades some of our customers have given us. This information is being gathered and the page is being constructed so we can share them with you.

From Mike Linderman:


I want to thank you for spending the time to tune my bike on Friday.  It is rare when someone claims that they can meet my expectations, but you have exceeded them.  The bike runs strong in all gears and at all speeds regardless of the air temperature.  The knocking/pinging are gone, the throttle response is 100% better than it was stock, and the problem I had where it felt like the throttle was release has vanished.  I can honestly say that I haven’t had a bike run as well as this one is now.  I can’t stop smiling every time I take it for a ride.  I have been telling all my friends that have bikes about your place.

Your dyno tuning is the best money, by far, that I have ever spent on this bike.

Thank you very much.

From Kenneth and Patrice Webb:

We have been thinking about you and the love you showed two complete strangers stranded on 1-25, in the rain three years ago.  Hope you remember my wife and I.  Just wanted to say thanks again for welding the hitch for my wife’s wheelchair carrier.

Also, wanted to say congrats on your new building, and grand opening.  If you ever pass through Gunnison please stop and say HI.

You guys are the greatest.